Strategic Partners


Lead Solution PartnerSistem Global

The leading tech-focused consultancy company in Turkey, providing growth-oriented professional services to companies aiming to create added value.
Through their offices in London, Berlin and Singapore, Sistem Global acts as a guide for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs for their globalisation journeys.
Provides consultancy and training on all critical points such as tax, legislation, incentives, intellectual property while designing companies' access to finance strategies.
With its strength in the technology ecosystem, Sistem Global acts as a catalyst between industries, SMEs, academies and entrepreneurs.

Supercharger Ventures

#1 accelerator in Asia.
6k+ network of start-ups
49 graduate start-ups
500m USD raised by its graduates
80k+ virtual students
Within T-Gate, Supercharger Ventures provides trainings for entrepreneurs, accelerator programs and support in globalization. It produces events for entrepreneurs and investors.

Kadir Has University

Founded in 1997, Kadir Has University operates in Istanbul Cibali Campus with 5 faculties, 23 undergraduate, 25 graduate and 13 doctoral programs.
Kadir Has University adopts a research culture that encourages the creation of common value by all stakeholders through interdisciplinary work, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and university-industry cooperation.
In line with the university's vision of becoming a next generation research university, it is aimed to increase the awareness of the university-industry eco-system on research, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and to contribute to the country's economy by using these tools.